Recognizing Israel

I’m already tired of quoting Ahmadinejad. He always says the same things. Ynet has two articles worthy of more attention than anything I could post. The first, by Sever Plocker, concerns lawfare and caused me to lose a bit of sleep last night:

The peace-seeking Iran pledges to accept the majority decision in the above-mentioned referendum. Therefore, this is not about nuclear sabre-rattling or a declaration of war on the Zionists, but rather, a just and democratic solution that will be achieved peacefully and with international consensus.

If, as result of the referendum, the Jewish state will be abolished, the Jews would not be threatened with extermination or a second “Holocaust.” They will be allowed to integrate into the great Palestinian state as a religious element with recognized civil rights, even beyond the rights given to Iranian Jews. The Muslims, as opposed to the Nazis, will do everything to protect the Jewish minority to be left in Palestine in the wake of the referendum results’ implementation.

All that is left is to change the UN’s voting procedures: The four billion people residing in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America are the majority, and they deserve to be recognized as such. Iran will serve as their mouthpiece; that is, Ahmadinejad’s mouth.

Well, my allergies caused me to lose sleep. Still, this is a disturbing hypothesis.

The second article is by Yoel Meltzer, and is a wake-up call telling us that the Two State Solution is, by now, a mere relic of wishful thinking:

Please explain to them that it is nearly 100% certain that a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria will eventually bring missiles to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Equally important, make it clear to them that this is a prediction based upon Middle Eastern reality and not some sort of “scare tactic” or “right-wing analysis.”

In addition, please remind them that suicide, in any shape or size, is forbidden in Judaism and therefore national suicide, which will be the result of a two-state solution, is clearly forbidden.

The only answer, as far as I can see, is widespread Arab-Muslim recognition of Israel. This childish,counterproductive intransigence, above and beyond all other “obstacles to peace”, is the true root of the conflict. I wish I had a t-shirt that read:





3 thoughts on “Recognizing Israel

  1. In the Arab Peace Initiative, the Arab League offered full diplomatic relations with Israel if only the county will retreat to its 1967 borders.

    In other words, Israel could enjoy recognition from all 22 Arab states tomorrow if it chose to.

    The Three No’s of Khartoum have long been buried. You need to read the press more often.

  2. Good post.

    To clarify what ‘attendingtheworld’ says:

    There can be no ‘right of return’ because this does not exist. In 1948, Israel publicaly PLEADED with the Palestinian Arabs to STAY in their homes and to accept the hand of peace and friendship.

    But, with Arab leaders ordering the Palestinians to flee, so as to be out the way of the SIX Arab armies poised to attack, the Palestinians were scared and they DID flee. The small minority that stayed became FULL ISRAELI CITIZENS and their children and today their grandchildren are also Israelis.

    It is *fact* that the Arab leaders ordered their Palestinian Arab brethren to leave and if anyone wishes to see more on this, I can easily provide a list of quotes BY Arab leaders and FROM Arab media, acknowledging this.

    The vast majority of the people we today call ‘Palestinians’ are the descendants of ARABS who moved TO Palestine, after the Jews there had already irrigated the land, drained the swamps, and transformed sand dunes into cities. There is no native ‘palestinian people’ OTHER THAN the PALESTINIAN JEWS who have BEEN living there for the past 3500 years.

    In fact, the very term ‘Palestinian’ was always used TO refer to those Jews.

    Today’s ‘palestinians’ have no ‘right of return’. They chose to leave and support the Arab armies that then attacked Israel within 12 hours of her declaring independence. They have supported terror against Israel pretty much ever since. They don’t get to return.

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