Jews, the Ever-in-the-Way People

From Operation Shylock:

The father is superseded by the rivalrous, triumphant firstborn–rejected, suppressed, persecuted, expelled, shunned, terrorized by the firstborn and reviled as the enemy–and then, having barely escaped extinction for the crime of being the father, resuscitates himself, revives and rises up to struggle bloodily over property rights with the second-born, who is raging with envy at the grievances of usurpation, neglect and ravaged pride. 1988. 5748. 1408. The tragic story’s all in the numbers, the successor monotheists’ implacable feud with the ancient progenitor whose crime it is, whose sin it is, to have endured the most unspeakable devastation and still, somehow, to be in the way.

The Jews are always in the way.

Today, by the way, is Yom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day):

The Defense Ministry said that since 1860, when the first Jewish settlers began establishing Jewish neighborhoods outside the Jerusalem city walls, 22,570 men and women have been killed in defense of the Land of Israel.

A moment of silence, if you please.

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