I Want Jessa Crispin’s Job!

Some of you may know Jessa Crispin from her uber-blog, Bookslut. Apparently she reads books sent to her for free, blogs her opinions of them – as well as more general literary news – and has become semi-famous for it. Now she has all sorts of reviewing jobs and even got to write a column for the Guardian. Kudos to Jessa – she took a risk in the blogosphere and made a name for herself.

I wish I had her job.

She’s also an ex-atheist who found her way back to faith, which surprised this reader. I had had her pegged as an atheist, perhaps because she’s so snarky and writes things like, “Thank god for Daphne du Maurier.” Here is her interview with Christian Wiman of Poetry, in which Wiman turns the tables and interviews Crispin about her newfound faith. Here’s what they have to say:

Would you call yourself an atheist now?


What happened?

A series of catastrophic events.

Funny, that’s exactly why some people become atheists.

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