Take Gaza, please

Oy, Gaza. They thought they had gotten rid of it in 2005, but it came back at them in the form of rockets. They thought they had subdued it in 2009, and got some down time out of it, but it just keeps coming back to haunt them. The world is sympathetic to Gaza in the form one giant rainbow-striped peace flag stretching from Guatemala to Katmandu. I’m pretty sure if there are any extraterrestrials out there beyond our solar system (and there probably are somewhere) we can bet their intergalactic tweets are obsessing over the Free Gaza flotilla and its consequences for Israel in the arena of cosmic diplomacy.

Nevermind that the citizens of Sombrero Galaxy M-12 have long since done away with the practice of warfare, religion and nationalism and moved on to bigger things like bettering orgasms. They watch us from the comfort of their homes and sigh with pity. “Oy, Gaza,” they tell their children. “If they don’t settle this thing soon the entire cosmos will be sending them aid.” Is it possible that, of all the potential billions of inhabitants of the potentially life-infested universe, six million Israeli Jews are the only ones who just don’t get it?

Aluf Benn has a provocative solution in Haaretz:

The attempt to control Gaza from outside, via its residents’ diet and shopping lists, casts a heavy moral stain on Israel and increases its international isolation. Every Israeli should be ashamed of the list of goods prepared by the Defense Ministry, which allows cinnamon and plastic buckets into Gaza, but not houseplants and coriander. It’s time to find more important things for our officers and bureaucrats to do than update lists.

How could a disengagement be done? Israel would inform the international community that it is abandoning all responsibility for Gaza residents and their welfare. The Israel-Gaza border would be completely sealed, and Gaza would have to obtain supplies and medical services via the Egyptian border, or by sea. A target date would be set for severing Gaza’s water and electricity systems from those of Israel. The customs union with Israel would end, and the shekel would cease to be Gaza’s legal tender. Let them print their own Palestinian currency, featuring portraits of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

[…] Instead of arguing with the international community, Israel should tell it: You want Gaza? Fine. Take it.

2 thoughts on “Take Gaza, please

  1. I think a whole lot of people from across the political spectrum would like to shed Gaza. But the world ain’t a vacuum. Trying to give it away the last two times has arguably caused a lot of bloodshed. Like it or not, Hamas has and will use it as a staging ground for terror, and they’re not going to stop if Israel makes just a few more concessions. Likewise, world opinion on Israel is not going to change with a few more concessions. It simply results in more demands, more war.

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