Why are you so interested in Israel, anyway?

I’ve already extended an invitation to a couple of friends and readers of this blog – inspired by Norm’s post and long-standing curiosity – to answer the question, “Why are you so interested in Israel, anyway?” Assuming most of you have no direct link to Israel (or Gaza or the West Bank Palestinians), and observing that there are so many more awful places in the world in need of attention, this is a question I feel merits some good answers.

So anyone reading this who would like to send me a brief (keep it below 1000 words, please) essay on why Israel interests you – pro, con or anywhere in the middle – is encouraged to do so.

A few rules:

1. They will be published with the author’s real name, so you must be prepared to stand by your words. Transparency is of the essence.

2. Snark is fine, but I do not tolerate hate speech against anyone. So steer clear of it.

Send this along to anyone you think might wish to contribute a piece. Here’s your chance to give a shape to your innermost thoughts about the Jewish State. And somebody will actually read them! So what are you waiting for?

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