Dear PZ, please have Berlusconi pharyngulated

Yesterday, P.Z. Myers politely boasted that he got a homophobic bigot named Daniel Spratlin fired from the Examiner by drawing attention to his anti-gay rhetoric. Spratlin wept:

Take, for example, a man that I’d never heard of (thanks be to God) by the name of PZ Myers. He just couldn’t stand by why I actually had the audacity to speak ill of sin. He wrote this disjointed piece a couple of days after my post. (NOTE: This “man” is unable to engage in civil conversation so please be aware of vile language in his writing.) “Why is he so full of hate,” you may ask. Well, Johnny, when a person’s heart is so absolutely hardened to God, he will act like the heathen that he is. It is the way man is due to the Fall. It really shouldn’t surprise me but, then again, I always want to be surprised by sin in all its forms

So, P.Z., as you are our largest arsenal of deadly cyber rays, please point them towards the Tyrrhenian coast. It’s time you took out Silvio Berlusconi and his cabinet (Italian voters can’t manage this on their own) of crusading homophobes. Here is his latest, “Oops, did I say that in public?”

“I’ve always been like this. Sometimes I find myself looking into a pretty girl’s eyes, but it’s better to love pretty girls than to be a homosexual.”

My wife, who knows Italian politics far better than I do, assures me this was not meant for Nichi Vendola, who is openly gay and gaining ground in the opposition party. I have my doubts.

Berlusconi is a clown. Pharyngulate his ass!



2 thoughts on “Dear PZ, please have Berlusconi pharyngulated

  1. Now I’m beginning to hear he’s impotent, so all his gallavanting is really just the pathetic death throes of an ancient Don Juan.

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