Day Lasts Forever: Selected Poems of Mario dell’Arco

Drawing of Mario dell'Arco by Eugen Dragutescu.

My translation of Mario dell’Arco’s selected poems, Day Lasts Forever, will be published in 2024 by World Poetry Books. I have worked on this book for nearly twenty years, since discovering dell’Arco in a long-gone secondhand bookshop in Rome. This will be the first book-length translation into English of one of the leading Romanesco poets of the twentieth century. (Romanesco is the dialect of modern Rome, a rich and expressive variant of Italian.)

A number of poems from the book can be read online for those interested in discovering his unique voice, with more forthcoming in 2023:


“I Built a Wall”, “Dead Branches”, “Always a Cradle” & “Via dei Cappellari” On the Seawall

Waning Moon” & “St. Peter’s SquareFirst Things

“Blackbird” and “The Illiterate Fish” One Art

For more on Mario dell’Arco’s work and life, please see my “On Translating Mario dell’Arco“.

I Built a Wall

It’s my fault. Stone by stone
by stone I built a wall
walled myself off from the world.
No way out now.
Even if I wanted to
feel your hand, one
step and I’d crack
my head on that wall.

-Mario dell’Arco