Unburial cover_final

I’m pleased to announce that my debut collection Unburial will be released by Kelsay Books in late 2019/2020. Here at last is the cover, with original artwork by Beatriz Crespo and generous blurbs by Moira Egan, Michael Palma and Aaron Poochigian!

“Marc Alan Di Martino’s family-excavation Unburial gives us a whole world by giving us both the Old and the New, Italy and America. Each poem is its own delight, but the book is a book in the best sense, developing and redeveloping metaphors from geology (granite, tectonic shifts) and astronomy (black holes, dark matter). Another recurring metaphor, that of polishing (rock, tile, glass) serves perfectly to describe the gem-like sheen of these lyrics.”

Aaron Poochigian, author of the verse novel Mr. Either/Or