Marc Alan Di Martino

How often I meet you here
above the trees and houses
nested in sleep, the edges

of you ringed, luminescent
as a dropped nickel in a pool
of crude oil.

I’ve been writing and publishing poetry – with some lengthy hiatuses – since about 1998. My first poems came out in the now-defunct, Brooklyn-based journals Greetings and Pivot; more recent work has been featured at Baltimore Review, Palette PoetryInnisfree, Rattle, Flatbush Review and Verse-Virtual; still others are forthcoming at Valparaiso Poetry Review, Free Inquiry, Furious Gazelle and Loch Raven Review. Below is a list of poems available online, or — in the case of defunct or paper-only journals — as a PDF. You can read more about me here; my blog can be found here. You can contact me here.


unburial | Kelsay Books | 2020


Epiphanies” (Verse-Virtual)

Requiem for an Ocean Burial” (Palette Poetry)

Caravaggio Was Our Matchmaker” (Verse-Virtual)

“Runaway” (Baltimore Review)

“Still Life with City” (Verse-Virtual)

“On Maujer St.” (Flatbush Review)

“The Skaters” (Innisfree Poetry Journal)

“Dear Cuck” (Rattle)

“New Year’s Eve” (Verse-Virtual)


A User’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals” (Verse-Virtual)

Cat Person” (The Road Not Taken – A Journal of Formal Poetry)

Starman” (Verse-Virtual)

Breaking” (Poets Reading the News)

“Somebody Suggested the World Needed More Vampire Poems, So I Wrote One” (Verse-Virtual)

“Submission Guidelines” (Gravel)

“To the Night Sky”, “Luftmensch” & “To Ink” (Verse-Virtual)

“Pawn’s Game” & “Blue Ridge Service Station” (Tuck Magazine)

“National Day of Atonement” (Writers Resist)

“To the Horned Moon” (Verse-Virtual)

“Space Station Crew Sees Lots of Clouds” (Ekphrastic Review)

“Worth It” (Rattle Poets Respond)

The King Is Dead” (Poets Reading the News)


Morpheus in West Virginia” (Poets Reading the News)


Samuel Menashe Reads at the Harvard Club (pdf)” (Italian Americana)


“Death of an Artist” & On My Great Grandfather’s 131st Birthday” (pdf) (Poetry Salzburg Review)

Poems of Mario dell’Arco & Translating Mario dell’Arco (Journal of Italian TranslationThese are, to my knowledge, the only translations available in English of this great Italian poet.


“The Muhammadiad” (The New Yorker)

“Seagulls” , “Poets” & “Memorandum” (Battered Suitcase)


“Time Traveler” (Big City Lit)


“Ninotchka” (Pivot)

Thunder” (Pivot)


“Genesis” (Greetings)