First impressions

Not half a day into it and I’m already having serious doubts. Not only is the name quote unquote seriously overused by bloggers (which means I will eventually have to revert to my own name to avoid further confusion), but I am shocked that this didn’t occur to me at the very first moment. No matter.

Macy Halford at the New Yorker has the dope on the new vogue of vampire fiction. She nobly dives in where I fear to tread. Plus, sooner or later I hope to confront David Plotz, A. J. Jacobs and the recent trend in rediscovering the Bible and writing about it as if it had been dug up from some archaeological backwater (think Gilgamesh). Oh boy, books are fun!

Then there is a whole slew of other stuff that deserves attention, the pesky Durban 2 conference next month foremost among them. Who said it was just books?

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