Madonna Waxes Kabbalistic

The virgin-now-mother writes in Ynet:

I thought, “What will I teach my child about the important things in life?”

I was practicing Yoga for years and studying Sanskrit. I had read many books by the great Yogi Masters and Indian Avatars. I studied Buddhism and the teachings of the Dali Lama. I studied Taoism and the Art of War.

I read about the Gnostics and the early Christians. I learned a lot and I was very inspired but I still could not connect the dots and find a way to take this knowledge and apply it to my daily life.

I was looking for an answer.

I went to a dinner party in L.A.

Maybe I should be out in L.A., too, at those dinner parties so memorialized in Annie Hall.

One thought on “Madonna Waxes Kabbalistic

  1. haha that Madonna-turned-columnist from Ynet cracked me up! She is better at being photoshopped rather than inflicting such propaganda lines in an Israeli newspaper. This said, that comes in quite handy. The old birdie has a set of shows next month out there. Kabbalaists Unite! lol

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