Muhammad the Jew

This is a hilarious exchange from Dale McGowan’s secular parenting blog The Meming of Life. McGowan is the editor of Parenting Beyond Belief, a handbook for parents wishing to raise their children without religion. Apparently it took him two years to find a publisher who was interested. In America.

ERIN (11): Mohammed is believed by Muslims to be directly descended from the Angel Gabriel.

DAD, looking up from his book: Uh…really? I didn’t know that.

ERIN: It’s a question, Dad. True or false.

DAD, suddenly interested: Is this homework?

ERIN: Yes Dad, it’s homework, social studies, world religions, I’m terrible at it, so is it true or false??

DAD: Well you won’t get better at it if I just give you the answers.

ERIN: Plee-he-he-heeease, Daddy.

DAD: First tell me who Mohammed is.

ERIN: (*Sigh*) I don’t know. Some Jewish guy.

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