Have a Merry, Christless Christmas!

All those grinches who love Christmas (I’m not necessarily one of them) but can’t stand all the religious mishaguss about angels and babies with magical powers will be glad to know that there is a book out there for you: The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas. If, for whatever reason, you want to add a little biblical spice to your festivities, I recommend Willis Barnstone’s fresh-off-the-presses Restored New Testament.

Me, I’m going to spend Christmas Eve at the movies watching the Sistine Chapel get atomized in a resurrection of gigantic Mayan zombie power. Just in time!

2 thoughts on “Have a Merry, Christless Christmas!

  1. Thanks, Marc,
    I am secular, as you pick up from the book. And I am very pleased because while I don’t impose my views, not making a pitch for any belief or non belief, I certainly want it to be for you and me, who are interested in literature, thought, history, and not faith. Best Willis

    Oh, if you can make suggestions how to get the book around, please let me know. You might like to read the review and interview under Library Journal: barnstone

    1. Dear Willis,
      Thanks for your comment. The beauty of your new translation is exactly that (beyond the literary merits of course) – that you are not imposing an ideology on your readers. It’s nearly impossible to read such a text without some sort of ideological position, but from what I’ve read of your version it seems to deflect preconceived ideas pretty well. I’ve read Poetics of Translation, so I was extremely pleased when I heard about your Restored NT. It’s an important work, and could only have come about in a secularized West (remember Tyndale!).


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