A Special Kind of Sin

Italy’s Il Messaggero has published an interview with Monignor Gianfranco Girotti, who makes some amazing claims. The Church is embroiled in sex scandals up to its ears: Holland, Germany, Ireland and even Vatican City itself are on the block. In a discussion of sin, Monsignor Girotti explains that murder and pedophilia – if accompanied by proper and convincing repentance by the offender – are absolvable. Abortion, he rhapsodizes, is a “special kind of sin.” Not only is it homicide, but it’s a profanation of the Eucarist! Which, if you didn’t get the Monsignor’s point, is much worse than raping children, covering it up and then lying about it to the press. Not to mention making lame and implausible excuses for the rapists themselves and shielding them from a proper prosecution.

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