The history book of the universe

Pharyngula is always brimming with interesting things. Today PZ posted this video of creationist propaganda in action. Watch it. Squirm while you think, but I don’t believe in Ken Ham’s God! If you have any doubts why atheism just seems to have sprung up out of nowhere while you were sleeping, this video should explain what so many of us have been so nobly speaking out against.

“So here are some more sacrilegious acts you can commit. Learn something new. Teach something new. Question dogma. Challenge tradition. Laugh at the quaint myths religion offers us.” – PZ Meyers (Video removed.)

*Postscript: It’s worth mentioning that the “grandfather” and “grandmother” in Ham’s photoshopped presentation actually look quite a bit like Ham himself. So I suppose he’s a monkey-man after all.

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