Who’s afraid of Holly Near?

Holly Near wrote one of my favorite songs, which should be the anthem of all freethinkers. It’s called “I Ain’t Afraid” and it begins:

I ain’t afraid of your Yahweh
I ain’t afraid of your Allah
I ain’t afraid of your Jesus
I’m afraid of what you do in the name of your God

With all respect to Holly, my favorite version of the song is actually in Yiddish. That’s how I discovered it, and that’s how I hear it in my mind or sing it when in the shower.

Keyn moyre far ayer el shadai/ keyn moyre far ayer ala/ keyn moyre far ayer yezus/ kh’hob moyre far dem vos ir tut lekoved ayer got.

Here are the Klezmatics doing their version of the song with a Yiddish-language chorus. They alternate between Yiddish and English so anyone can follow along, learn some Yiddish and one of the great songs of our time. Play loud.

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