Atheist limericks: “Pharyngula”

I’ve been penning limericks lately. I wouldn’t publish more serious poetry on my own blog, but I figure limericks are topical, humorous and eminently memable. So feel free to cut and paste in the comments section of your favorite atheist blog, or tweet them, or put them up on your own blog. Or read them and forget about them. Whatever. This one is called


PZ once enraged a whole slew
of religious fanatics – he threw
a Qur’an in the trash
and then with a dash
of élan, he threw in Dawkins, too.

Stay tuned for further atheist limericks!

One thought on “Atheist limericks: “Pharyngula”

  1. They told me that Santa was real
    Bunny and Fairy same deal
    They told all these lies
    and yet theyre surprised
    that I refuse to kneel

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