Mere blasphemy

I’m late in commemorating Blasphemy Day 2010, but as PZ Myers says, “every day is blasphemy day.” It is with great pleasure that I post a photograph I took in the bar in the Assisi train station, which is overflowing (the bar!) with Catholic religious paraphernalia. It makes it difficult to swallow a cappuccino without uttering something blasphemous. Knowing sinners like me are passing through on an hourly basis, they have helpfully posted the following warning next to the cash register:

Translation: “Christ suffered for you. Christ died for you. Don’t continue murdering him by blaspheming his name. Every time you offend God through an act of blind pride, His Son is murdered again; you repudiate the love he gave us. DON’T BLASPHEME. Blasphemy offends your God. It offends the community. You degrade even yourself.”

What place such blatant religious propaganda has in a train station snack bar is beyond me, but this is Italy and free speech plays second fiddle to Catholic teaching. So if ever you find yourself in Assisi and you spill something on your tie while rushing to catch your train, remember that Jesus died for your sins and bite your tongue. Otherwise you might offend the nice old pious barman by screaming, “Jesus-fucking-Christ stop that goddamn train!”

*If you don’t believe me here is another photo of the espresso machine, Pious the Barman and some cute Jewish maiden and her son.

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