My favorite Yo La Tengo song

I love the way this one reverberates. I think they ran a Farfisa organ through a guitar and then fiddled with the wha-wha…or at least that appeared to be what Ira Kaplan was doing on stage when I saw them play in NYC circa ’96. I also saw Richard Thompson that year, probably my last great year of concert-going before I stopped being obsessive about music and transferred my obsession to books. Oh, well.

Play the softer version with dozing infants in the room.

4 thoughts on “My favorite Yo La Tengo song

  1. Amy and I saw them in Manhattan with you in ’95. I remember Lambchop opened, and Electropura had just been released. Same show?

    1. Could have been. My impression is that it was ’96, at a club on 23rd St. Where did you guys stay? I didn’t even have a couch for you to crash on in ’95, as I myself was couch-crashing.

  2. We stayed at a really low-rent place that you had recommended in Manhattan, where we had to shower in the hall. And correct, we did not see your apartment. It was when you lived with the batty lady.

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