Why I tweet

Because now I finally have somewhere to put all those crumpled up notes to myself, quotes, citations and brilliant thoughts that would otherwise get thrown out or catalogued in one notebook after another and never see the light of day. Twitter is perfect for this, and it lets you share them with your followers. Plus, it’s a nice way to gather interesting links for further use. I think of Twitter as an ongoing log, a bit like blogs used to be back when they were web filters. In fact, the blog that gave blogging its name, called Robot Wisdom (“a weblog by Jorn Barger”), really looks more like a Twitter feed than a blog. Too bad it fell victim to its author’s anti-Semitic rantings…

Now I can cancel all those annoying emails I get that I never open from the Anti-Defamation League. I can just follow their Twitter feed and read the things that look interesting. Ditto everyone else. Email can go back to being personal.

(This post has been truncated by my daughter waking up.)

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