Ninotchka (1998-2010)

She looked a lot like this.
Indifferently, her eyes will trace your hand
That stoops to smooth the graceful serpentine
Ceasing a moment only to define
The faithful boundaries of that strange land
That bred her silence: Egypt’s lazy sand,
The River of Sleep…shapes more or less divine,
Perpetuations of our world. Her spine
Rolls gently as you pause before the grand
Arch of her back, her taut tail like mast
That lengthens, it seems, endlessly. At last,
She settles, daringly, upon your knee
In effortless elegance. How many
Lives have suffered as painlessly as yours
To ponder beauty in its briefest hour?

2 thoughts on “Ninotchka (1998-2010)

  1. Oh dear – one of those. They are very appealing. But then they all are. I was a judge in a blog cat contest a couple of weeks ago, and I had to read a lot of memorial entries. I got very lachrymose!

    So sorry. Greta Christina’s Lydia on Monday and now this. sniff

  2. At least I know she’s safe with Ceiling Cat now (slaps own wrist for tasteless joke). What a wonderful, silent animal she was. Thanks, Ophelia.

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