15 to 2, in favor of theocracy. I’m speechless, unnerved, irritated and perplexed.

“According to the judges, there is no proof the crucifix has any influence over the students in classrooms where it is present.”

Well Jesus-fucking-Christ that’s a bit presumptuous, ain’t it? And if that’s the case, why can’t we put other symbols up next to that of the Holy Inquisition?

It’s theocracy. What other word can there be for this?

And think, there’s not even any hell for these bastards to go to. At times I wish there was.

10 thoughts on “Theocracy

  1. So, what’s the good side of this? We have a legal judgement saying the crucifix does not have the power to influence. It stands for cultural values. Hey, I know; why doesn’t the UAAR adopt it as its symbol? I’ve got to sleep on this; there’s got to be a vulnerability in such a judgement.

  2. It’s late and I’m tired from thinking about this all day. My best solution: to appropriate the crucifix, but change the letters above Yeshua’s head from “IRNI” to “UAAR.” Make it new. Know any photoshop?

  3. Yes, I did just think of something else. The ECHR just said it was ok to display in all classrooms the symbol of an organisation that is notorious for child-rape and organised attempts to cover it up. Maybe we fought this with the wrong strategy.

    1. But the point of Lautsi vs. Italy wasn’t about that. It was about defending the laicity of the state (pretty much forfeited at this point; we should now campaign to change the constitution to read, “Italy is a Catholic nation – if you don’t like it…”) So much is wrong with this picture.

  4. There was a similar verdict in Austria, where the constitutional court just ruled that crucifixes in state kindergardens don’t violate state neutrality. The judges basically argued that the crucifix is not a religious symbol but rather a cultural one…

    1. Hm, I suppose this also means that if you do anything nasty with a crucifix, you can’t be sued for insulting a religion…

    2. I read about that. They even said something to the effect that no matter what the Strasbourg decision was, it wouldn’t influence their verdict. But at least there they’re not in the goddamn courts of law! Italy surpasses all. We even have them on our toilet paper. Idea?

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