Lautsi vs. Italy: UAAR press conference

Raffaele Carcano has a great moment (below, in Italian) when he notes that, in Pakistan, a Christian may be put to death for “offending” Islam. How might that sit with Italy’s defenders of the faith? After all, it’s a question of tradition.

By the logic of yesterday’s decision, why not return to outright proselytizing, forced masses, or kidnapping children from non-Catholic families? Why stop at the presence of the crucifix? Hell, let’s make a quantum leap back to the dark ages, dust off the iron maidens and fill those torture chambers. Because that’s the direction Europe is now pointing in.

It’s been a dark week here in the European Union.

2 thoughts on “Lautsi vs. Italy: UAAR press conference

    1. As far as I know, he has done no time. It’s an absolutely horrendous thing, though, and deserves international attention – especially in light of the recent decision from Strasbourg. This is emphatically a question of human rights infringement.

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