Proselytizing, again

The meme is gaining ground. How does one combat the accusation that expressing one’s views is a form of proselytizing? Funny word, that; it’s clearly picked to draw a parallel between the ways of religious missionaries and the ways of outspoken non-theists. (We’re apparently unable to remember the Golden Rule: If you don’t believe in god, shut up and keep it to yourself. Doh!)

Here’s one answer I came up with, though:


2 thoughts on “Proselytizing, again

  1. Yes! It’s the same nonsense sentiment behind the attempt by religious folk to label outspoken atheists as “evangelical.” Apparently, there’s no distinction between advocating an idea and evangelizing. We have opinions, we think they’re worthwhile and worth expressing. How are these bad things?

  2. I’d like to know what these people actually propose as a sound method of fighting religious inanity. I think some people are so afraid of being called “extreme” that they try extra hard to be “moderate.” Consequently, the only time you hear from them is when they criticize us, their immoderate brethren. We don’t bomb back.

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