Scale of the universe

Here is a totally awesome interactive scale model of the universe. It really helps you visualize the so-big-it’s-unthinkable and the so-small-it’s-beyond-our-power-to-comprehend. We here on this planet are so small and yet so big. It’s actually kinda weird when you think about it. But not so weird it implies the need for supernatural causes.

I’m going to make a point of using the word “yoctometer” in a conversation, though – just so I can tell someone to go check this out. (Click on image, then use the slide rule to pan in and out.)

2 thoughts on “Scale of the universe

  1. Oooh– my favorite! I have that in my links, too. The kids and I have spent more than one evening zooming oouuuuut… then zooming iiiiinnnnn….. just amazing!

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