The Italian Parliament is not secular

Italy’s Northern League wants a crucifix in Montecitorio, the Italian Parliament. They’re taking the Lautsi vs. Italy decision as carte blanche to impose their religious views in every angle of Italian life. The problem is, according to Cronache Laiche, they’re right:

Hanging a crucifix in Parliament is an act of coherence. The opposition, istead of lashing out, should have approved – even raised the bid – asking to hang a crucifix, a huge crucifix, in every angle of the Chamber and Senate as a warning to anyone who still thinks that the secular State functions independently of religion. A provocation? No, just the unavoidable truth. So that Europe and the entire world can see who we are, not that which we pretend to be.

Seriously, I thought they already had crucifixes in Parliament. How did they not get them on the walls before now?

2 thoughts on “The Italian Parliament is not secular

  1. “as a warning” Yes indeed. Exactly. Warn people that you are the same mother fuckers who burned Bruno at the stake, and you aren’t to be messed with. We need a stern warning. Warn us that laws, separation of church and state, human rights, egalitarian principles mean nothing to you lot. Thanks for the warning.
    Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t let us forget who our enemies are.

  2. The problem is that Italy’s constitution proclaims laicity the “supreme principle” of the State. Which is patently untrue. “Supremely abused principle” might be a better way to put it. And those who burned Bruno (and imprisoned Galileo) were RCC authorities, not modern Italian politicians who should have learned their history better.

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