Rome burns – get used to it

Here’s a video of today’s “protests” in Rome. There’s a pattern to these protests, which basically boils down to a group of masked marauders getting in the middle of things and burning shit, throwing rocks through storefront windows and antagonizing the police. This typically destroys whatever force or function the protest might have had to begin with. The result is that everyone blames everyone else for the riots for days and weeks afterwards. Nothing is ever resolved. They never make a point. It’s just photos and videos of idiots with scarves over their faces throwing Molotov cocktails at the cops while those who came to actually demonstrate are sent hightailing it over the nearest fence. So much for the constitutional right to a peaceful protest. Enjoy your gelato.

3 thoughts on “Rome burns – get used to it

  1. But who from hell are these people? And why is there NEVER a clear answer to that question offered by the media? I am not given to power-elite conspiracy theories, but on this one it is so tempting to indulge. The journalist who goes under cover and blows away this smog once and for all will deserve a world-class medal.

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