2 thoughts on “How Christian is Christmas?

  1. Hi there! I’m new here. Here as in your blog, not to Italy (I’m a Brazilian expat living here since 2002). I’m so glad I’ve found your blog that I could cry – I live in a small town in Umbria and me and my husband (a “sbattezzato”) are surrounded by believers who have no idea what we’re talking about when we defend our right NOT to baptize our daughter, as doing otherwise would be a kind of violence against her. Sometimes it’s so lonely that I feel like going out on the balcony and yelling until the stupidity of it all fades away 😉 I’ve lately found solace on the UAAR website, I’ve done some volunteer translation for Dawkins’s site (and I have an Out Campaign T-shirt!), but other than that there’s no one really I can talk to about these things. Nice to meet you 🙂

    1. Nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. UAAR is really the glue that keeps Italy’s atheists from feeling like they’re the only ones in this country who aren’t baptizing their children – they deserve all the support they can get. There are a lot of us, though, here in Italy. It’s just that you never “meet” them because most of them don’t ever really talk about the fact that they’re non-believers. It’s still very taboo here (as probably most everywhere), and there is a lot of pressure to keep silent in the interests of not rocking the boat. Anyway, I just keep plugging away in the hopes that more non-believers will see that it’s perfectly normal to be open about their atheism in a place like Italy.

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