An Unimportant Phenomenon?

Yesterday was Debaptism Day in Italy. Here is an interview with an Italian gay couple, both of whom have debaptised themselves. Apparently, the Catholic Church would like to pretend this is an unimportant phenomenon, but it is by now transnational and – apparently – growing due not only to lack of faith but also mounting disgust at the political and ethical (?) positions of the church. Who can blame them?

We decided to de-baptize for our self-respect, our freedom, and above all, our consciences. Today, in our country, the Catholic Church is a violent and arrogant power center, at war with the aspirations to happiness of many men and women, entirely centered on the defense of its own privileges, more interested in imposing its own ideas — on same-sex couples, gender, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, assisted fertilization — than in the actual lives that people live on a daily basis. We absolutely do not want to be complicit with this, not even on a purely formal level.

In the Name of Nobodaddy, I Debaptize You!

You can unbaptize yourself if you wish.
You can unbaptize yourself if you wish.
October 25, 2009 is “La Giornata dello Sbattezzo”, or Debaptism Day, in Italy. Of course, if you are happily baptized, you are welcome to remain so. It’s your business. And so is debaptism. It’s your choice, and no one else’s.
This is extraordinary in a country where, as journalist Curzio Maltese wrote in his book Alms: The Cost of the Catholic Church in Italy (La Questua, untranslated), “we export brainpower and import saints and sorcerers.”