A Punk, a Saint and a Jew Walk into a Bar

The jihad cult is expanding. This is a particularly weird item.

Father Hugo Valdemar, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City, has issued a warning about the “terrorist” nature of the call for a “holy war” against the Catholic Church by the leader of followers of Santa Muerte — “St. Death.”

I admit I only recently found out about this cult. I’m hardly surprised though. One might argue that the entire cult of saints is a death cult.

But jihad? It’s the new punk.

If Dante Had Been a Book Reviewer

Here is one of the most unequivocally nasty book reviews I’ve read in recent months (and I read my fair share of reviews, mind you). It’s about a book called Promised Virgins: A Novel of Jihad by Jeffrey Fleishman.

If there is a special circle of literary hell reserved for the category of acclaimed, pretentious, unbearably bad novels, this ridiculous book belongs there.

(p.s. With a title like that, what did you expect?)