Religion in school (is not cool)

I’m dreading the day when we send our daughter to nursery school, because that’s when the indoctrination begins. Everybody knows Italy has “religion hour” in its public schools, part of the government’s bending-over-backwards to let the Church infiltrate the tender minds of its young. Now Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini wants to teach the Bible in school, too – presumably during the part of the week when kids don’t already have to listen to some Vatican-appointed, State-funded Man o’ God drone on about how each and every one of them were born sinners.

Ms. Gelmini says she is moved by her own faith, as well as her Italian citizenship. Apparently, the two are indistinguishable to her. “The foundations of the West were built upon Christian teachings,” she said. “Without understanding this presence, it’s impossible to study its history, understand its philosophy or appreciate its art and culture.”

Imagine that: Western Culture is completely indebted to Christianity as its sole cultural benefactor. No Greeks. No Romans. No Jews. No Enlightenment. In her personalized, teleological version of history Galileo was a pure product of Catholic scientific education. And this is the woman in charge of the educational standards of Italy’s youngest generation. No wonder around here there’s a saying: Italy exports brainpower and imports saints and witchdoctors. (Curzio Maltese)

I wonder if maybe Ms. Gelmini wouldn’t have been happier if she’d just become a nun, but I guess it doesn’t pay as well.

Mariastella the Catholic

From UAAR (doctored by Google Translator):

Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini, a tireless advocate of the Christian roots of our country (Italy) and the presence of the crucifix in classrooms, working for months in an attempt to prevent the development of alternative activities to the teaching of the Catholic religion, got married today in Sirmione del Garda. The ceremony took place shortly after midnight in a civil ceremony (the groom is divorced). The Town Hall opened for the occasion. The bride is in the sixth month of pregnancy. The wedding was attended by two key members of a government that does not fail to underline its harmony with Catholic morals:  Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (already divorced, and currently requesting a further separation), and the Minister for Cultural Property Sandro Bondi (separated).