Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Obama

Here is a revealing comment to my recent post about anti-Obama hate speech. In fact, it is so perfectly blind in its sheer disgust of him that I felt it deserved a place of its own in a post instead of getting lost in the comments.The author calls herself The Mad Jewess, and mad she is. At what, it’s hard to say.

“I stood up to the excrement on Youtube, and advised them to REPENT: Rabbis4Obama, Jews4Obama, the list is ENDLESS of the sheep that voted in the Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Usurper in Chief..but remember, we dont make up a whole heckuva lot of the populace, and those that did NOT vote for the pig, NEED to get blogs and head almost far right, with a little balance.

As much as people dont want to admit it, MADOFF got rid of the JINOs; ACLU, and MANY, believe you me.”

Elsewhere, she decries feminism, blacks, abortion, divorce, the anti-christ, racism (against “white people”), Latinos, gun control, Bolsheviks…an this is all on the first page of her blog! If this is any indication of the general attitudes of the anti-Obama hate-clans, it’s a lethal cocktail of far-right xenophobia and the inability to distinguish one thing from another in order to make a cesspool of one’s personal hatreds. These people are not out to debate policy, they are out to offend by any means necessary.

Israelis need all the friends they can get to combat prejudice. But are Jewish xenophobes who court right-wing American bigots (the Left Behind people) the answer to Islamist death squads and anti-Zionist xenophobia on the far left?

The propaganda is essentially the same all around. Change the names, or melt them all together into a Zionist-Muslim-Commie-Fascist-Abortion-loving-Negro-hugging-Feminist hatefest to suit your own personal woes. There is nothing constructive about any of this, however. And it remains a mystery exactly why they think Obama’s policy on Israeli settlements is so unique. It may be ‘displacement’, but is is not really divergent or particularly original.

And Madoff is their hero.

8 thoughts on “Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Obama

  1. Gosh, Marc. Careful who you’re calling a right-wing American bigot. Luckily, I know it’s your pet name for us.

  2. I know what you mean. Underneath the many positive aspects of Americans, there is this group of people who feel impelled to spew their hatred onto the rest of us. The anonymity of the web makes it easy. But what bothers me about so many of these is their illogical hatred mixed with their fixation on the Second Amendment. They’re ARMED!

  3. I think you can tell the difference between a conservative and an outright bigot as well as I can, Rachel. Besides, I think I mentioned far left bigotry in my post, didn’t I? It’s not a conservative disease.

    1. Marc, you are wrong in your assesment of this person, and you have a right to your opinion, but I left neo-Nazism, because of The Mad Jewess stance. I have been a rabid anti-semite, and if it wasn’t for her, I would still be hating Jews.

      1. I guess the real question I have is not “How did you stop hating Jews with the help of a fellow bigot?” but “Why did you hate Jews in the first place?”

  4. I knew the Mad Jewess. I would have to say that its about damned time someone got that mad. I knew her in life, she isn’t a ‘bigot’ she is angry about what is going on, and she has a right to be.
    How many times do you folks go and fight Nazis for the Jewish people? She does. She is the reason I left neo-Nazism.
    Things will balance out with right wingers, after they probably kill us.
    Will everyone be happy then?

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