Before You Buy on Amazon

Pharyngula pointed me to this video. Apparently, Amazon is unable to distinguish between Darwin’s Origin of Species and a creationist rewrite of it. Because the book is in the public domain, what Ray Comfort has done is legal. Meyers points out that one can fiddle with the King James Bible legally, too. But, before you purchase Darwin’s book (or any book for that matter), check which edition you’re buying!



2 thoughts on “Before You Buy on Amazon

  1. Love the new look of your site 🙂

    I’m not remotely surprised that Amazon have displayed such idiocy. For many months now, it’s been cheerfully selling something called ‘the complete jewish bible’ – only problem is, it’s the Christian NEW TESTAMENT…!

    It was written by a Messianic Christian Minister and it’s nothing short of deception. But Amazon doesn’t care.

    I’ve just been looking at your link to the review of ‘Constantine’s Sword’. It was recommended to me a while back and the review you link to has compelled me to put it at the top of my ‘to read’ list 🙂

    1. Tabatha, I hope you posted something about the false “Jewish bible”. There’s so much deception on the internet that most people don’t even bother with it. It’s overwhelming. CS is quite a read, highly recommended. As is David Kertzer’s The Pope’s Against the Jews.

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