Before You Buy on Amazon

Pharyngula pointed me to this video. Apparently, Amazon is unable to distinguish between Darwin’s Origin of Species and a creationist rewrite of it. Because the book is in the public domain, what Ray Comfort has done is legal. Meyers points out that one can fiddle with the King James Bible legally, too. But, before you purchase Darwin’s book (or any book for that matter), check which edition you’re buying!



The Teabagger Socialist-Free Purity Pledge

Well, Pharyngula is my new favorite blog, replacing the much overrated Pariz Hylton. 

This pledge is mainly a list of things in the United States run (or made possible) by the government of this country (by which I mean the United States of America, not Italy). Now that so many Americans are apparently opposed to their own government, this is worth examining in some detail. The authors of this document, thankfully, have both the time and inclination that I don’t.

This list reminds me of all the things one must boycott if one is to seriously boycott the State of Israel, as opposed to changing the color of one’s avatar or updating one’s Facebook status: