4 thoughts on “La Russa Found in Translation

  1. I was involved in the translation, though I don’t subscribe to all of it (just minor details). But I agreed on using the verb ‘to die’ in some form; it is not that customary to tell people ‘you can die!’ in Italian. ‘Go to hell’ might sound more like ‘vai a quel paese’, not stressing the ‘dying’ part enough!

  2. I think the translation was OK.

    The public applauding is scary though. I know applause is cued in TV studios (you know, there’s some guy telling them when to applaud or laugh or whatever), but still.

    But I was also a bit perplexed by the journalist. The way he phrases his answer to La Russa sounds a tad ironic, doesn’t it. Or is it just that I’m lacking in my knowledge of Italian?

    1. Well, he was ass-licking after he’d been browbeaten for not defending the crucifix. If you watch the full Italian version, most of La Russa’s monologue is spent making the host feel like an apostate.

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