Dear Pope: God is dead, and we killed him

The pope, in his new book, apparently asserts that the Jews didn’t kill Jesus. So what? Who cares anymore? Are we really going to let the pope decide our opinion on such matters as, Are Jews intrinsically evil? That sounds pretty ridiculous today, but for centuries the pope’s opinion on such matters really mattered. Thankfully, his words are now grist for the mill of Twitter jokes. Here’s my attempt at an elegant controbattuta:

2 thoughts on “Dear Pope: God is dead, and we killed him

  1. Why do Christians even make it in issue? According to their story, Jesus had to die! He had to be killed otherwise he couldn’t resurrect. The whole turning into a human thing wouldn’t have worked without a horrific death to atone for how horrible we are because of Adam and Eve. Even the Christians who make a deal of the Jews killing Jesus should be thanking them for making It All Happen.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike! It’s even crazier if you think of it as suicide (which, by their logic, it is). And if god is omnipotent, how can one kill god? And so on. Yet the formulation “God-killers” reigned for centuries upon centuries and is responsible for an awful lot of hatred against Jews. Now Joseph Ratzinger says, “Ooops!” It’s just dreadfully late in the game for that, bloke.

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