St Peter’s Square – Rome

My poem “Epiphanies” is up in the August issue of Verse-Virtual. It’s about walking through Rome during summer, the light catching my eye, taking it all in. A lot has happened this summer, much of it very sad, and I suppose under such circumstances one is always on the lookout for a kind of epiphany. So here it is.


So much beauty, so much misery
baked into these stones. I walk
and a sharp glint off travertine
gashes my eye, connects
solar lake to solar
plexus, my step as sure
as the silver crosses that shape
nuns’ breasts. How strange
to feel at home in this place –
a pigeon has fashioned its nest
on the brow of a saint!
If epiphany ever comes
it will look like this.

2 thoughts on “Epiphanies

  1. Thank you for sharing Marc. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful mother. Sending you love and comfort. Love, Laura

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