What Happened at the Baptism

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I have a new poem called “What Happened at the Baptism” up at Matador Review! Here is a taste:



The infant is held aloft, above the priest’s head
and shoulders. “Our trophy!” he cries, to
applause and tears from the congregation. The
baby’s penis looks like a tiny candy in its
wrapper, placed awkwardly between two fresh
human legs. It begins to cry uncontrollably, to
shake. It has been welcomed to the world in
which it will live until its body gives out. Like
all living things, it will die the worse for wear.

Please go to Matador Review to read the full poem, and of course all the other poems and stories in the issue. This wasn’t the kind of poem many journals would have taken, so kudos to editor John Lachausse for accepting it at MR.

2 thoughts on “What Happened at the Baptism

  1. I just love this one, Marc. Of course, it’s easy for me to love. I feel exactly the same way. And yeah, I’d probably go through with it. Hell, I know I would…

    Is this in your book? Interested if this kind of poem would fly with them.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Sarah! No, this one is not in Unburial – it was written too late to have made it in, and is part of another set of poems which may some day aggregate to form a new manuscript. However, Unburial does have poems of similar calibre and about similar subject matter. So yeah apparently it flies with them. 😅

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