Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge!

I’m happy to share that my poem “Her Vanity” was selected for the Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge for March 2022! The poem was inspired by this painting by Natascha Graham, which made me think about my mother as a young woman and a story she told me umpteen times about the time she met Eddie Fisher, her dream boat. “He could have been your father!” she would say, raising a severe eyebrow at me. (Apparently, genetics wasn’t on her mind.) You can read more poems about my mother in my collection Unburial.

"Her Vanity"

My mother used to sit like this before
her vanity, her shoulders bathed
in blue and pink light, her powdered skin
dredged in a cloud of talc, breathing it in. 

[Read more at Rattle]

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