Red flags

I constantly find myself using the term ‘red flag’ whenever I notice something suspicious. I’m not at all sure many people know what I mean when I say it, though. It’s a skeptical term meaning, “Watch out, there is something fishy here.” Here is an amusing entry from RationalWiki citing some common red flags. I made this today.


A really good pain in the ass

I’m reading an excellent book on critical thinking by Christopher DiCarlo called How to Be a Really Good Pain in the Ass. I heard an interview with him on Freethought Radio (I’m sensing a trend), and I thought I’d check it out. I didn’t find too much stuff online about the book, so I’m posting this talk. It’s pretty long, but it presents the main questions he raises in his book: How do humans go about investigating truth claims? What’s the difference between natural and supernatural worldviews? It’s top-notch skepticism and enjoyable reading. Check it out.

The homeopathy illusion

This is an awesome optical illusion which serves to teach us a little lesson not just about homeopathy, but everything else as well. Don’t trust your perceptions; they are very probably missing something. When it really matters – i.e. when you need a doctor, etc… – remember that just because the lines seem bent doesn’t mean they are. Apply ruler!

For the full experience you must go here. (Via Edzard Ernst)

This is an illusion. The lines are straight.