In a Perfect World #2

This comic is now up at Jesus and Mo, on the Guest Comics page. Scroll down to see it. It’s a really wonderful thing for a modest little blog like mine to get linked by such an illustrious duo. (By the way, they’re kicking ass over at the Washington Post, leading the pack as the best webcomic.)

I don’t think many of you will have difficulty with the meaning of this one, either. Nudge, nudge; wink, wink.


Jesus and Mo and me

Jesus and Mo – that atheistically philosophical comic strip starring our favorite prophetic odd couple – have been inspired to one of their dialogues by Italy’s dear Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. Frattini has gotten oodles of attention this week while he’s been in China. The Friendly Atheist reprinted the UAAR’s letter to President Napolitano in English, where they call for Frattini to step down over his atheophobic remarks. This blog has had many hits as well, and thanks go out to everyone who left me encouraging comments. Welcome, new readers!

If you don’t read Jesus and Mo, check them out: