Dear Cuck

It’s been an interesting year so far. I have a couple of posts to write in order to catch up. My poem “Dear Cuck” was published in Rattle 62 – my first on-paper publication in seven years! The poem went up last month on the website; you can read it here. It’s an effort to deal with a nasty email I received. Some friends have praised it, while others have told me it was a mistake to have written it at all. There is a longish note I tacked on to the poem, which gives some context. I suggest they be read side by side.

Dear Cuck

“Dear cuck,” the queer email began,
“your verses are a monument
to doggerel. You are a man
spawned in an estaminet,
likely a faggot, ass-for-rent,
Jew or Jew-lover with a plan
to wrong what’s right. Perverse & bent,
your soulless writing is a stain
on what is proper, sound, upright.
You do not know me, but I know
your kind. As Uncle Ez, our light,
wrote, ‘Usury is cancer.’ Blow
my eight-inch cock. I’ll come for you
with tiki torch on seder night,
throw you from your bedroom window.
Daddy says, ‘Might makes white makes right.’”

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