I started my blog way back in March, 2009. At the time blogging was in full-swing and it seemed like a good way to engage with the online world. It was. I wrote about anything that came to mind, sometimes multiple times a day. Those things often came down to politics and religion, with a smattering of poetry and book talk. It was never a popular blog, and it never had any such pretensions. After all, that was the point of blogs — just this little private space in the void where one could talk about anything from cats to favorite bands or share a poem they liked or a stupid meme. Some blogs became popular, but most probably died quiet deaths.

This blog very nearly perished silently on more than one occasion. There have been years when I never logged on, lost my password, then got it back only to learn that the dashboard had changed so dramatically I no longer knew how to write a simple post. But it held on. To celebrate its 10th birthday, I’ve upgraded it to an actual website!

Let’s say I got tired of the unwanted advertisements cluttering every post. Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days updating the pages, removing some of the junk, and making it easier to navigate for anyone inclined to do so. The Home page shows my poetry, with titles of my published works and links to the journals that have published them. Something of Myself offers a bit of personal history. Contact has my contact information, if you’d like to get in touch with me. I use Twitter, not Facebook. If you want to get social, please follow me there.

I wish I could say If you’d like signed copies of my latest book, you can order them directly, but I don’t have any such book to proffer. Maybe one day. I’ve got multiple projects in the works. Stay tuned!

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