Love Poem with Pomegranate micro-chap!

I’m pleased to announce that my micro-chap Love Poem with Pomegranate will be published by Ghost City Press as part of their 8th annual Summer Micro-chap Series! From their website:

Every title released as part of the Summer Series is available as a free PDF download on our website. In addition to downloading the collections of poetry, fiction, and cross-genre work, you also have the option of donating to any of the writers involved, and the best part is that they get to keep 100% of what’s donated to them. Some of our authors have even chosen to forward their donations to various charity organizations (these are noted on their individual micro-chap pages).

The title poem can be read at West Review. It was inspired by a very real pomegranate on our kitchen table.

2 thoughts on “Love Poem with Pomegranate micro-chap!

  1. Congratulations, Marc! My father’s favorite fruit and the title poem is perfect, an apt metaphor. I’m so happy that your gorgeous work has found a wonderful home.

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