“Herring Gut” at Minyan Magazine

My poem “Herring Gut” has been published at Minyan Magazine, a journal dedicated to work by Jewish poets. In editor Liz Marlowe‘s words:

The magazine’s name, Minyan, refers to a group of ten adults needed for a worship service in Judaism. Each issue of Minyan will contain the work from ten writers.

The title of the poem refers to the place in Maine where we scattered our mother’s ashes, which was the type of burial she insisted on. Herring Gut is a gorgeous pocket along the Maine coast, and I’m sure it is exactly what she had in mind. If you follow the links, you can see “Herring Gut” is the third poem in a trilogy of poems on this theme. Here are the first few lines:

We held her hand until the ocean took it.
Down where the old insomniac lighthouse
delimits dawn, and Earth’s striated veins
paint igneous swaths of mineral love,
her ashes were decanted to the tides.

Read more at Minyan.

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