“Technicolor Coronation Day” at Rattle Poets Respond

My poem “Technicolor Coronation Day” is up as part of Rattle‘s ‘Poets Respond’ series. The poem is a villanelle inspired by the coronation ceremony of King Charles, a ceremony which I only viewed vicariously through Twitter and the TV news. As I wrote in my note to the poem, I find such things as kings and popes anachronistic, and have only the most superficial curiosity about those who claim divine right. In any case, it was the right occasion for a touch of lighthearted poetry, though all those hidden skeltons do make quite the clatter from behind the curtain. I read the poem on Rattlecast 194, if you’d like to hear it (if you do, please stay for the main guest, Irish poet Frank Dullaghan.)

2 thoughts on ““Technicolor Coronation Day” at Rattle Poets Respond

  1. Love villanelles, and this was sardonic and light and right on point, Mark. Rattle didn’t allow comment when I read it 2 days ago, so I’m glad you posted it here. Well done!

    1. Thanks for reading, Sarah! No, Rattle doesn’t allow comments on their website. Probably better, all things being equal.

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